Cleanliness, practicality, sustainability, value for money and personal service sums up the basic concept of the Red Tree … We truly care about our guests!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please note that we are currently in South Africa building up a new branch of the Red Tree. Although we will not be able to greet you personally in Mehamn, one of our friends will be able to assist you should you require assistance. With modern technology, you will be able to have personal contact with us, so please WhatsApp us on +47 993 84 734 or use Facebook messenger on our page: https://web.facebook.com/RedTreeNorway/

The Red Tree Building is known by the locals as “the old bank” (Norwegian: Gammelbanken). According to stories from the past, the bank was supposed to be built in the neighbouring village called Gamvik. When the bricks were mistakenly dropped off at the current location, the decision was made to build the bank in Mehamn rather than loading all the materials again and building in Gamvik. This carefully crafted brick house is very unique in the whole Finmark county as most other houses are built from wood.

The Red Tree Lakeside Cottage was created in 2011 when we took over ownership of an abandoned old cabin on the road between Mehamn and Gamvik. It was completely renovated keeping only the original floor and external wall structures. The original idea remains the same: Basic but comfortable, no electricity or WiFi, no neighbours and a place to truly enjoy and appreciate the fascinating and diverse Arctic tundra. 

We, Tina de Flamingh (Swiss-Hungarian) and Ruan de Flamingh (South African), bought the house on auction after it has been standing empty for a few years. Since 2010, we have spent every free hour renovating in- and around the house. With many years of travel experience (including a 20 month walk across Europe), our qualifications and experience in the hospitality industry and tourism, our passion for hosting & advising our guests, a flair for interior decorating combining practicality and the use of "up-cycled" materials, we created the Red Tree concept: Cleanliness, practicality, sustainability, value for money and personal service!